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About Us

Book Vedic Pandit for pooja at home & temple including pooja Samagri

We are the Pandaji of Gaya Ji for all over India And all Hindu who lives in India and NRI. We are providing the services of Pind Daan services in Gaya, We can arrange the others facility on your behalf like stay in Hotel, Dharamshala, Tour guide and Taxi hire etc for individual or Group.

Pind daan as per Hindu belief is a ritual to offer homage to the departed soul. Pind daan in Gaya is a very important Hindu ritual and is performed by the relatives of the person who left for the heavenly abode.

> Why should you book with Gaya Pind Daan?

Fixed Dakshina and Samagri Cost, No Waiting, Pooja Samagri Included, 24/7 Professional Support, Highly Experienced Pandit ji.

> Why it is Important to Perform ‘Pind Daan’

The direct connection of ‘Pind Daan’ reflects our faith and respect to our ancestors. One day, everyone has to leave this world and this is the fundamental law of this world.

> Importance of Pind Daan and Shradh in Gaya

Performing Pind Daan in Gaya is considered highly auspicious because of the belief that Lord Rama himself performed the ritual here for his father, King Dasharatha, to help his soul attain salvation.

Why pind daan is important in GayaJi ?

Importance of Pind Daan in Gaya JI.

Around 12 lakhs year ago, Lord Rama came to Gaya to offer pind daan for his late fathers Dasaratha,

  • Gaya organizes the famous pitru paksha mela every year. Lakhs of people around the world visit Gaya Ji to attend this mela and offer pind daan.

We also provide others facilities.

We have arranged some best hotels in Gaya Ji near Vishnupad Temple.